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We offer you the possibility of an equestrian training in the environment of the x-bionic equestor sphere, which is a part of the multifunctional sports resort, x-bionic sphere in Šamorín. The riding training takes place under the guidance of certified trainer Andrea Dúbravská. All age groups can take part in the trainings. Adults and children from the age of three.

We have 4 ponies and 11 horses. Each rider will have a horse for the training to suit his/her needs (height, character, temperament). The maximum possible weight of the rider is up to 85 kg.

The progress of the trainings is adapted to the rider's abilities, starting on the lounge - riding in a circle (the horse is on a long twine held by the trainer), where the correct sitting of the rider is trained. Gradually basic instructions for leading the horse - step, trot, gallop and later the basics of dressage and jumping over obstacles. The more advanced ones then take part in nature walks, which has a very positive effect on the human psyche. Riding trainings take place in the outdoor riding arena and in bad weather in the covered indoor hall.

The equestrian center offers you the opportunity to refresh yourself in the local restaurant with tasty food and drinks.There is a comfortable outdoor seating area from where parents can watch their children during the training.

The x-bionic equestor sphere also hosts a number of horse shows and competitions that you are welcome to attend and spend a pleasant weekend.

Suitable riding clothes:

  • Helmet (also available for rent)
  • Breeches or long trousers (not jeans)
  • Riding boots, sneakers



(platný od 01.01.2019)

Jazda na koni (45 min)

20 €

Lonž pre začiatočníkov (30 min)

20 €

Vychádzka pre pokročilých (60 min)

20 €

Jazda na poníkovi (15 min)

10 €

Jazda na poníkovi (30 min)

17 €

Zodpovedná: Andrea Dúbravská

Telefón: 0905 253 156

Objednávky na konkrétny termín jazdeckej hodiny prijímame len telefonicky na danom telefónnom čísle!
Upozorňujeme, že maximálna hmotnosť jazdca môže byť do 85kg.


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